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Burst Pipe Water Damage Brockton MA

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Simply give us a call at 781-821-0980 and we will be at your home or office in Brockton within two hours.

The Dangers of Burst Pipes

Once your home’s sewage pipes have been ripped open, it can create some of the biggest damages that can occur during and after the disaster. Burst pipe water damage can encourage indoor flooding, and may cause the following structural damages:

  • Soiled Furniture
  • Soaked Electronics
  • Wood Rotting
  • Rust
  • Mold and Mildew Buildup
  • Cracks on Floors, Walls, and Ceilings

Also, since the water is practically heading and/or coming from your sewage, you and anyone living in your buildings may acquire diseases and illnesses, because of the toxic chemicals and microorganisms that you come in contact with either through physical contact or by inhalation.

Simply give us a call at 781-821-0980 and we will be at your home or office in Brockton within two hours.

Burst pipes within the home are simply the worst thing that can happen to your plumbing system. It is not the cost of the repair of the pipe or even the loss of the water whilst it is fixed, but the sheer amount and cost of the damage water can do.

If a pipe bursts Brockton, in the ceiling or floor it can be some time before you notice and all too often the first you know is when the bulge appears or the water flows in a torrent.

The potential water loss from burst pipes in your house can be as much as 400 liters, that’s 2 full baths an hour. This means if you were away for a full day you could have up to 9,600 liters of water or 48 full baths of water in your house from burst pipes. If you were away for the week you could lose 47,200 liters of water in that week. The amount of liters lost is the equivalent to 336 full baths of water running through your house. This is another reason we need to advance in the way of a water protection valve to solve the need for damage resulting in the use of an emergency water restoration contractor.