Damper Inspections

Fire & Smoke Damper Inspections

AirCare provides smoke damper inspections and fire damper Inspections  in New England for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont.

Regularly scheduled smoke damper inspections and fire damper Inspections are an important part of every fire safety maintenance plan to make sure Dampers are working properly. For this reason, periodic Smoke Damper / Fire Damper Inspections are required by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), the Joint Commission, the International Code Council, and Underwriters Laboratories (UL). A

If a building is equipped with Fire, Smoke, or combination Smoke/Fire Dampers, inspections must be done to check Damper and latch operation. All Dampers must be tested, fusible links must be removed if applicable, and Dampers must be able to close. If latches are provided, they must be checked and lubricated if necessary.

damper inspections

AirCare’s Smoke Damper and Fire Damper Inspections go beyond basic guidelines to include:

  • Marking the location of each smoke and Fire Damper on facility’s drawings
  • Testing all Dampers
  • Removing and resetting fusible links to make sure that the Dampers close properly
  • Replacing all fusible links that do not function properly per NFPA Code
  • Providing a Certification Report containing
  • The location of every Smoke and Fire Damper, with the applicable identifying number and whether such Damper passed or failed inspection
  • A detailed report for each failed Smoke or Fire Damper
  • Before and after digital photographs of every Damper for proof of inspection to regulatory agencies (Fire Marshalls, Insurance Underwriters, the Joint Commission, etc.)

Fire Damper / Smoke Damper Inspection Services for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

AirCare strictly follows procedures established by hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, research laboratories, and doctors’ offices to make certain that our Smoke Damper / Fire Damper Inspection services are in compliance with internal mandates. Our smoke Damper / Fire Damper Inspection services ensure:

  • Adherence to Infection Control Procedures
  • Adherence to the Healthcare Facility’s Infection Control Department’s ICRAs (Infection Control Risk Assessment) Guidelines
  • Adherence to OSHA Safety Training Guidelines (Technicians have completed 10-hour OSHA course)

Find out more about AirCare’s Smoke Damper and Fire Damper Inspection services by contacting us at 866-246-6789 or click on the Rapid Response button and complete the form.

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