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Fire & Smoke Damage Brookline MA

We Proudly Serve Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Maine

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Recovering from fire damage takes more than a coat of paint.

In the aftermath of a fire, it’s tempting to want to sweep, paint, and move on. The truth is, fire and smoke damage can run much deeper. AirCare comes in as soon as the dust settles and does a thorough inspection of the damage, giving you our professional assessment of what your property needs, from deodorization to reconstruction.

  • Clean any traces of soot or smoke on your floor, walls, and surfaces
  • Remove the unpleasant odors left behind by smoke and fire damage
  • Use advanced technology and equipment to reseal all surfaces and protect your home from further damage by remnants of smoke, soot, and ash
  • Orchestrate any necessary moveouts, content claim inventory and contents restoration in coordination with your insurance company.
  • Bring your property back to perfect and pristine condition, including repainting or reconstructing any damaged areas.

AirCare provides 24/7 emergency disaster and residential fire & smoke damage remediation and water damage restoration services for commercial and residential properties throughout New England Massachusetts.

AirCare’s dedicated team of fire smoke damage Brookline professionals ensure they arrive within two hours of the first call for assistance.

Fire Cleaning & Odor Removal Process:
  • Thorough assessment and documentation of your soot emergency.
  • The loss will be documented with lots of photos.
  • Document the disposal of necessary food and medications.
  • Immediate placement of HEPA air scrubbers and hydroxyls to begin soot and odor mitigation
  • Contact insurance carrier/adjuster to give them the scope of the project.
  • Deploy our crews immediately to clean and decontaminate the affected structure and contents.
  • Schedule HVAC air duct cleaning and sanitation for soot and odor.
  • Replace all air filters in the HVAC systems.
  • Coordinate the cleaning of soft goods, such as clothing, bedding, draperies, furniture, etc.
  • Discuss rebuild options (such as, painting, carpeting, cabinetry, etc.) with homeowner

Once The Flames Have Been Extinguished We Will Take Care Of The Rest

After firefighters put out the fire there are usually gallons of water that are left inside the home due to the fire hoses and extinguishers, which also includes chemical flame retardants.

Professionals Cleaning Up Smoke and Ash From Fire Damaged HomeThe water damage left from the hose water saturates the entire home, potentially affecting the structure of the house and damaging the items inside.

Our fire damage smoke restoration Brookline team makes sure to handle all aspects of the renovation process, such as removing the acidic smoke, washing away all signs of ash and soot, extracting all water from the area, and repairing any damage.

Our fire smoke damage Brookline pros like to begin the restoration process as soon as possible because this will give the homeowner the best chance of both cleaning the home and salvaging possessions. We know how much you want to get back into your home after a fire disaster occurs, so our fire damage restoration Brookline offers efficient, quick service to get your family back into the home as fast as we can after the fire hits.

Our team of residential or commercial fire smoke damage remediation and water damage restoration experts has been trained to provide the highest possible level of customer care and satisfaction. Serving our clients is our number one priority.

All of our fire remediation and water damage restoration technicians are trained on the most up to date and innovative restoration procedures and equipped with state of the art equipment to use on every project. This enables us to provide speedy and leading-edge fire and water restoration services.