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Mold Remediation Process

The Steps in the mold remediation process include:

  1. Identification of water source – The source of the water needs to be identified and stopped in order to prevent future mold growth.
  2. Air quality testing – This step is not always required and can be determined on a job to job basis depending on the severity of the situation. Ideally, all remediation jobs should be monitored however it does add more cost to the job and on smaller projects, it may not be needed. That being said for larger remediation jobs, situations where legal issues could arise, and health issues are a concern, air quality testing should be done before the remediation starts and after it is completed.
  3. Containment and control – This is the process of controlling the spread of mold spores and prevent further contamination to surrounding areas. This can be achieved through source containment which is done by applying poly sheeting over the mold growth or by building larger containment chambers that isolated the work area from the rest of the home or property. The containment method chosen will be determined by the restoration contractor and by the size of the remediation job. The use of air filtration devises containing HEPA filters (AFD’s)  should also be used in the containment and or work area in order to control further spread of air borne mold spores.
  4. HEPA Vacuuming – This step helps clean up any larger particles that may be present and spores that have settled on surfaces in the surrounding areas. This should only be done with vacuums containing HEPA air filters
  5. Removal of Contamination – Here any materials that have mold growth will be removed or cleaned accordingly. Any and all drywall containing mold growth will need to be removed and disposed of as it cannot be salvaged. Building materials such as wooden structural beams will not be removed but require thorough remediation and cleaning, this will usually include a combination of sanding and or wire brushing while HEPA vacuuming to remove all mold from surfaces.
  6. Cleaning – This is the process of cleaning and wiping all areas affected by the mold growth, including areas that have been sanded and vacuumed. This is done by damp cloth wiping containing a cleaning agent.

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How you can help prevent mold!

How to Reduce Moisture

The next trick to prevent mold is to reduce moisture in your home. Here, it’s important to realize that condensation is only one type of moisture and so turning up the heat is only going to protect you from needing mold remediation so much.

Another common source of moisture, for instance, is steam. Steam can be an issue in bathrooms very often for example because we will often have hot showers or hot baths with the doors closed. If you don’t have an extractor fan for your bathroom, then once again this is a very savvy investment and one you should certainly consider making.

Likewise, you should also make sure that you think about the steam you create in other ways to prevent mold. A range hood can help to reduce steam produced by boiling water and soup for instance. Likewise, when your run a bath, run the cold water and then the hot water to reduce the amount of time you have hot water standing and steaming in your room.

If you hang clothes out to dry in your house then this is something you might want to consider changing. For instance, look into hanging your clothes outside instead. Likewise, avoid having water standing in glasses around your house or having water standing in the sink. Any standing water can lead to moisture in the air and so mold.

Open the Windows

Opening the windows is also something that every mold remediation company will recommend and is also a good way to prevent mold from growing. This will allow cold air to get into your property and as this circulates around your home it will dry off surfaces and it will allow mold spores to move outside.

In fact, it is often the parts of the house that are hidden away from the air – known as ‘air pockets’ that are the most likely to suffer from mold. For example, if you have heavy curtains, you might find that mold is prone to building up behind those. Likewise, mold can gather behind sofas and arm chairs and it can build up in a host of other similar spots too.

Another trick then is to allow air to circulate through your rooms by pulling the furniture away from the wall a little bit. If you notice mold behind a piece of furniture then this is a tell-tale sign that this is something you need to do.

Thermal Imaging – Seeing The Invisible Water Damage

Thermal Imaging –

Have you ever encountered a situation where you suspect there is something weird going on inside your wall or ceiling? Perhaps a leak within the structure or you suspect there is a cold draft coming in from somewhere but you just can’t seem to pinpoint it?

Well with the use of the latest technology, we are now able to identify these problem areas and start seeing the invisible. Water damage Northshore and water damage Providence, RI can be found easier and efficiently using this new method.

thermal imaging Boston

This is done through the use of thermal imaging, at one point this technology was very expensive and reserved only for military and government applications. However as this technology progresses it becomes more affordable to apply it to other new industries, in this case, the property restoration industry.

The company we have to thank for this is FLIR. They produce a camera that is a pioneer in the thermal imagining sector and produces the best equipment available today.

For property restoration, some of the best uses of thermal imaging technology include:

  • Pin-point moisture intrusion such as leaks within walls and ceilings, avoiding the need to cut costly inspection holes.
  • Identify cold and hot spots, finding areas of missing insulation which could lead to drafts and energy loss.
  • Identify maintenance issues or potential dangers such as electrical overheating of components.
  • Assess the efficiency of HVAC systems, finding any areas of air leaks.
  • Identify structural defects
  • Identify clogs in piping

thermal imaging

Note: thermal imagining readings can be attained without damaging the property, no pins or probes are required therefore there will be no sign of damage to your property.

Also, thermal imaging will also work in areas of total darkness as it is operating on heat differentials it does not need any visible light to operate. This is especially handy when inspecting areas such as attics, crawlspaces, or there are simply no power/lighting available in the property.

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Preventing Water Leak & Water Damage

How can you prevent water damage Northshore and a water leak? One important tip is to make sure that you get regular maintenance checks for your plumbing, for your roofing and for any other potential areas that might put you at risk. Flat roofs are particularly dangerous because they can cave in when water builds up on top – so make sure a contractor comes round to look at them often.

Likewise, if you’re on a flood plain, then look into building up defenses that can protect you in case there should be one. Plumbing is also something that needs regular maintenance and checkups – and if your plumber tells you that your system is old and could do with replacing… don’t put it off!

water damage Northshore, water damage providence

Proper Maintenance of your home – It sounds simple enough but this is another common source of water damage.

  • Ensure you clean out your gutters and exterior drains to allow all that rain water to properly drain away from your home.
  • Extend the downspouts around your home, you want all the water to funnel as far away from the house as possible.
  • Ensure your roof is in good condition so it can handle the rain throughout the year, older roofs or even new roofs that are faulty will make it easier for rainwater to penetrate through to your indoor space.
  • Be cautious while doing repairs and renovation in your home. Be mind full of pipes within walls, for example before you start to mount your big screen tv on the wall check to make sure there are no pipes where you plan on drilling.

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Keep an eye on your house –

  • Obviously, crawlspaces and attics are not lived in but even basements and guest rooms are not visited as often. These areas get less attention and thus it is harder to catch any leakage or property damage occurring.
  • Part of keeping an eye on your home could include installing power outage alarms or a  battery back-up which are important if your house operates on a sump pump system. If the power is out on your sump pump then that will increase the chances of having a sewer backup in your home.
  • There are also flood sensors you can install in those areas of your house that need the extra attention or are more susceptible to water damage. The alarms will warn you when water is sensed so you can act quickly and avoid large damages.

water leak detectors

Washing Machine/ Appliances – Any appliance, machine, or unit that operates with water in your home can be a primary source for water damage Providence, RI.

  • Do not run your washing/dishwashing machine when you are not home! This is a real common one; you throw a load of laundry in the washing machine and you leave to go grocery shopping. While you are gone there is an issue with the machine (overflow, broken feed line, etc.) and water begins to pour of it, flooding your home. So that being said, make sure you are home when you are running your water based appliances so that you can stop any water damage Northshore or water spillage as soon as possible.
  • Showers and bath units are another big source for water damage issues. If you see the tiles, grouting or caulking begin to look old or worn down or even broken, that is a sign for fixing it as soon as possible. If you leave it be then I will assure you that you will encounter a water damage issue at some point and likely even mold growth as well.
  • Toilets are probably in the top most wanted list for causing water damage Canton, MA. I will put this very simply; do not flush anything that is not meant to be flushed in the toilet! This includes paper towels, actual towels, fish, kitty litter and the list goes on. If you stick to this rule you will hugely reduce any chances of having a water damage issue resulting from your toilet.

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Why Call AirCare Environmental?

1. Deductible Assistance Up To $1,000 on Insurance Jobs
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AirCare Environmental is a certified full-service disaster cleanup provider offering water and fire damage restoration, mold testing, removal and remediation, and indoor air quality testing. We are centrally located in Canton, MA and service commercial and residential properties throughout MassachusettsRhode Island and Connecticut. In addition to our core services listed above, AirCare Environmental also offers duct cleaning and a variety of cleanup and sanitation services performed by licensed and certified professionals. No air quality, water, fire, and mold damage specialists are more prepared than our team for adapting to your emergency needs. Contact us today for a review of our full range of services and their associated costs. We offer accurate and reliable FREE ESTIMATES.

Duct Cleaning Example

Take a look at some of the duct cleaning we did for a customer just last week! See that shine? If you are in need of a residential or commercial duct cleaning, call AirCare to get the job done right!

Ductwork After

Ductwork After

Ductwork Before

Ductwork Before

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can appear with bubbles in the wallpaper, drips from the ceiling, and moist carpeting all have one thing is common: potential water damage Canton, MA. One of the worst things to happen to a home is for a basement to flood or a bathroom to suffer a burst pipe.  Luckily, AirCare can assist with both water damage cleanup Boston and repair no matter how severe the damage!  Our expert team is equipped with supplies that can have your home dried and as good as new before you know it! With same day response 24/7, we are able to limit any water damage and begin the remediation process immediately.  Don’t let your home go under! Call AirCare today 1 866 246-6789 for all of your water loss needs!

water damage Canton, MA

The biggest issue with trying to clean up water damage Plymouth on your own is the risk of using subpar instruments that may not entirely dry out the area. Any residual moisture creates a perfect environment for mold growth. Another reason you need professional help is because water damage and flooding is something that needs to be cleaned up immediately– not just when it’s convenient and you have time to get around to it. Hiring someone to come in and treat it like the emergency that it is, reduces the overall damage caused by the water damage or flooding.

Similarly, the more people that can be working on the water damage Boston, the quicker it can be cleaned and the less water damage that is ultimately caused.  Professionals can also accurately determine the necessity for replacing materials and provide a third-party opinion for recommending any additional services.

If you’re experiencing issues with water damage or flooding, make sure to get the help you need. It is not worth being frugal by trying to clean up flooding on your own. There are too many destructive results from improperly dealing with water and flood damage to make it worth the effort. Call a professional to make sure the emergency is handled correctly.

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Fire Dampers

If you or your employees work in an office, hospital, school, warehouse,or almost any publicly used building, your air ducts likely have fire dampers. These the purpose of fire damper links is to close the damper door if smoke or debris from a fire begins traveling through duct work.  Not only is it important to have these inspected and in some cases replaced regularly, but it can become a code violation if they are not inspected after a certain amount of time.  Don’t expose yourself or your business to liability, call us to get a free estimate on damper inspections and replacements!

Fire Dampers

Closed Damper Door

Fire Dampers

New Fusible Link

Fire Dampers

Old Fusible Link

Odor Removal!

Sometimes smoke or even years of cooking can leave an off putting smell deep within the walls of your home. SynergyOne can help you remove firmly grounded odors and bring back the fresh, clean aroma you didn’t know you were missing!  Call today to schedule an appointment so we can help you have a happier home as soon as possible!