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Massachusetts Residential Air Duct Cleaning

We Proudly Serve Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Maine

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Massachusetts Residential air duct cleaning is mistakenly oftentimes overlooked. Homes today are also built to restrict airflow and reduce heating and air conditioning losses. This may have an adverse impact on indoor air quality if air duct cleaning services aren’t performed every two to five years. One of the best reasons to get your home air ducts cleaned is to save money in the long run. Ensuring your system is clean means it will expend less energy over time, making this short term investment both cost effective and efficient.

Pre-Air Duct Cleaning Inspection and Investigation for Commercial Air Duct Cleaning and Home Air Duct Cleaning

For every air duct cleaning service, AirCare performs a detailed visual pre-cleaning inspection of all of the components of each air duct and ventilation system using digital photography and video equipment. The results of the pre-cleaning inspection are used to develop a cost effective action plan to best complete the cleaning process while minimizing disruptions.

AirCare’s Ductwork Cleaning and Sanitization Process

There is a thorough process for both commercial air duct cleaning and home air duct cleaning. In both cases, the air handling system is placed under negative pressure using high powered, high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtered collection vacuum units. AirCare then utilizes source removal techniques that include manual and automated brushing, Air whipping and the use of compressed air to agitate and lift dust and other debris within the air handling system which are then drawn into the HEPA filtered vacuum units. Once the air duct or vent is cleaned of all dust and debris, the entire system is then sanitized to eliminate any bacterial or microbial growth using an EPA approved disinfectant.





AirCare’s Air Duct Cleaning Closeout Report

Digital photographs are taken to document the condition of the system both before and after the air duct cleaning process. The digital photographs are then included in a final Project Closeout Report which includes a certification that the entire system has been properly cleaned as well as our customized recommendations for future cleanings and inspections.