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Massachusetts Residential Mold Remediation

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What You Should Know About Massachusetts Residential Mold Removal and Residential Mold Remediation as a Homeowner.

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Molds are simple organisms that can be found in every environment and grow on any organic substance as long as moisture and oxygen are present. As mold begins to grow, it becomes visible and emits a musty odor. There are molds that grow on carpets, sheetrock materials, insulation, wet building materials, wood, clothing and many foods – digesting these things as sustenance and destroying them in the process. Some, including black mold, are toxic molds.

It is important to perform a test for mold removal in Canton, MA, to identify the level and species of mold spores to tell whether you need mold removal or mold remediation services, as these levels may aggravate a number of human illnesses, including allergies, respiratory distress, and asthma. For this reason, eliminating mold from your home is one of the most important steps you can take to improve indoor air quality, reduce illness, and significantly minimize the other risks associated with the presence of Mold within your indoor environment. All mold removal in Canton, MA, whether in a home’s basement or attic, should be performed by qualified, reliable professionals.

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Key Steps to our Residential Mold Remediation Process:

  1. Trained and certified technicians commence each mold removal project with containing the contaminated area by erecting barriers made from 6-mil fire retardant poly sheeting which is used to seal all openings, vents and other penetrations into or from the contaminated area to protect against cross-contamination to surrounding areas.
  2. The contaminated area is then placed under negative pressure using high powered, high efficiency particulate air filtered (HEPA) units and all airflow within the contained area is exhausted outside the premises.
  3. Next, all unsalvageable porous items, such as mold contaminated sheetrock, wood, insulation materials and other contaminated building materials are removed and disposed of to an area outside the premises.
  4. All vertical and horizontal surfaces and non-porous items within the containment are then vacuumed using HEPA filtered vacuum units and disinfected using an EPA approved disinfectant.
  5. Additional steps may include encapsulating any wood beams or exposed framing materials with an EPA approved anti-microbial coating or encapsulate.
  6. Upon completion of the mold remediation services, a Final Report is generated and provided to each customer. The Report includes post mold removal test results, copies of digital documentation and recommendations to avoid future contamination.


Call 1 866 246-6789 for 24/7 Water Damage Emergency Restoration Service

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